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Incentive Apps

Conception and design 16 Incentives Apps

Buben & Mädchen are specialists in Germany for bonus programs, sales competitions, incentives and reward stores. They offer incentive systems to boost employee performance.

16 new applications were designed, which create an incentive among employees through a gamification approach. Illustrations, animations and playful elements made the bonus program interesting for the user. Behind each application is a store where the user can redeem his points. The store contains a complete connection to a merchandise management system.

Illustrations, animations and other elements were implemented solely for the purpose. Mirko animations within the store keep the user's attention span at a comfortable level.


Art Direction

Project Management

Visual Concept

UX/UI Design




buben und mädchen incentive app
Reality 4.0 — The virtual future of workspace

For each of the 16 applications and the store, AppIcons have been developed, which link all applications together.

buben und mädchen incentive app
buben und mädchen incentive app
buben und mädchen incentive app

Marketing website

In order to promote the applications, a separate website was designed, where you can also compare all the applications with each other.

buben und mädchen incentive app
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