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evm Corporate Rebranding, Redesign of the online store

Energieversorgung Mittelrhein (evm) is the largest municipal energy and service company in Rhineland-Palatinate. Around 1,000 employees supply customers with green electricity, natural gas, heat, drinking water, telecommunications and competent service.

The company is actively and with conviction committed to transparent, environmentally friendly and resource-oriented action and social commitment.


Art Direction

Project Management

Lead UX/UI Design

Support Designer -


© Energieversorgung Mittelrhein AG

The Task

The demands on energy service providers are changing radically. People are living and thinking in a more networked way, competition from the digital industry is increasing and politics is also constantly setting new directions. In this environment evm wanted to position itself more clearly as a brand. The old design system no longer corresponded to the new orientation of evm as a solution provider for modern services with a focus on renewable energies.

evm onlineshop

Simplification of use

In connection with the redesign of the brand, the online presence was revised and the use of the store was improved. The focus was on concluding a contract in just 3 steps and providing information to the user in the shortest possible way.

evm onlineshop tarife

Icons and infographics

Icons are constructed on a grid and an angle of 45°. Thereby they have an opening on the lower right side. Infographics are implemented as linear vector graphics. They enable simple information transfer even for complicated facts. The main line color always appears in warm orange and explanatory elements are distinguished in the respective area color. This creates a clear and distinct distinction between the individual elements.

evm onlineshop tarife
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