Reality 4.0

Master Thesis

What effects does virtual reality have on our working life?

We live in a digital world that 10 years ago would not have been thought possible. Our refrigerators can reorder food on their own as soon as it is no longer available. We store an incredible amount of data in digital clouds and experience ever more realistic realizations of virtual worlds. Especially the latter has established itself in our society in the last years, so that we have to ask ourselves where the borders between a virtual world and reality are, or if there are any at all.

The aim of this research is to determine the extent to which virtual reality has found its way into our everyday lives. More specifically, we will look at how virtual reality is integrated into our working lives: In which areas has this integration already taken place, to what extent will it take place in the future, and which socio-educational, social, and even ethical problems must we expect?

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In order to answer the research question, expert interviews were conducted, among other things, which provided insights into a wide variety of fields of activity, such as entertainment, but also research. By combining the development of virtual reality, the surveys conducted and the technological fundamentals, we create a view into the future and create prognoses in which areas virtual reality will take a fixed position.

In order to convey these insights not only on a theoretical level, we visualize an integration of virtual reality, which we illustrate by means of a video. We focus on the scientific field of deep-sea research. With the help of the current technological basics and tools, we create a virtual environment in which the recipient can get an impression of the unexplored deep sea.

Reality 4.0 — The virtual future of workspace

We create a virtual environment of the unexplored deep sea.

Through this research it can be stated that the potential of virtual reality and its integration into our research and working world is immense. However, human beings are confronted with problems that have to be dealt with first. At the technological level, the reduction of the computing power required plays a major role. On the social and socio-educational level, we have to make sure that the machine does not take over the actions of the human being and that the human being thus only becomes an executive force.

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As a further prerequisite it must be mentioned that from this thesis in connection with the scientific development of Tiana Lenz a common knowledge flows as a combination into the practical part of this Master‘s thesis. Thus, the scientific part of Tiana Lenz „Reality 4.0: The interactive future of the moving image“ and the scientific part of „Reality 4.0: Virtual future of the working environment“ will result in a common, practical result. If spoken in the plural in the context of this context, a reference is made to the collaborative development.

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